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Dental School Admission Specialists

Become A Dentist was established by qualified dentists to shape better, more capable and also more passionate future dentists in the UK. We are leading experts in the field of Dental School Admission, with over 15 years of experience in past, current and also future dental interviews.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you succeed in your application to studying Dentistry. Our dedicated team offer the most comprehensive guide for candidates wishing to apply to Dentistry, giving you the most in-depth and up-to-date advantage over your fellow applicants.

How We Help Your Dental School Admission: Stage 1

From Day One, you will work closely alongside an Admissions Specialist. Your Admissions Specialist will coach you to Dental Application Success!

They will first spend time understanding your unique situation, your grades, your work experience and much more, too. The aim is to understand how it impacts your application, and also how we can tailor your application for the best chance of success.

How We Help: Stage 2

Before starting any work on your Personal Statement, it is crucial to decide which Universities you which to apply to. 

Your Admissions Specialist will take the time to understand your needs and requirements from a Dental School, and together (along with the help of your friends, family & other support), you will determine your Dental School choices.

This is, in particular, crucial because it determines the topics you focus on throughout your Personal Statement. Each University has different Personal Statement requirements, so you must write accordingly. This is where our experts help strengthen your Dental School Admission more in Stage 3

How We Help: Stage 3

Stage 3 focuses on writing the perfect Personal Statement. This will be tailored to your strengths & accolades, but guided by your Admissions Specialist’s detailed information from Stage 1. In addition, it is important to use our expert knowledge on what each university is looking for. If you cannot meet their requirements and provide evidence in your Statement, you will of course not be offered an interview!

The Admission Specialist will provide Unlimited feedback and recommendations, using their many years of experience: on average, every one of our Admissions Specialists has read over 3500 Personal Statements each. Their knowledge and experience in Dental School Admission is completely unmatched.

How We Help: Stage 4

Finally, Stage 4 prepares you for the most difficult task of all – the interviews.

You will be receive guidance on your UK Dental School choices. This includes expectations of candidates attending for interview and even the specific interview techniques AND QUESTIONS each University uses!

You will also have access to the most complete library of past and current questions used at Dental School interviews. This includes thorough discussions and explanations, model answers and extra bonus content and reading material.

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dental school admission success

We are dedicated to helping you find your motivation to studying dentistry, encouraging you to present yourself as the strongest candidate possible and guiding you through this difficult process. At Become A Dentist, we follow 3 core principles:

  1. Every applicant for dentistry deserves a chance at success. Become A Dentist will commit time, energy and resources into giving you the strongest platform from which to succeed
  2. Dental School Admission is extremely difficult, competitive and stressful. Become A Dentist vows to remove obstacles for applicants, strengthen their application and reduce the stress of the application through a wealth of knowledge and information.
  3. Every candidate is a unique individual, and the various Dental Schools you apply to should be shown this. Become A Dentist treats every candidate is an individual. We spend time with you to find out your strengths, passions and background. We ultimately shape your application to reflect these key qualities through the Personal Statement and Interviews.

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