Today, we take a look at common Dental MMI Questions. MMIs, also known as Multiple Mini Interviews, are a relatively new interviewing technique at dental universities.

They originate from the McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and were developed around 2002 for admission onto their Medicine course. Since then, it has been frequently implemented within many medical and dental admissions interviews across Canada, the United States of America, Australia and, of course, the UK. The MMI interview is set up in the formation of a timed “circuit”; there will be multiple stations, each of which will have one or more examiner. Applicants will rotate along numerous stations (depicted below). The station will usually start with a written explanation or a verbal introduction from the examiner, and then you will be prompted to work your way through the given task, scenario or question. There is often also one “rest station”, where you will have an opportunity to drink some water and regain your composure.

Each university will have a different style, a different number of mini interview stations, and different questions at each station. There are, however, repeated themes and topics at most universities.

Top 4 Common Dental MMI Question Stations:


  • Communication


Most Dental Schools now want to see candidates demonstrate their ability to communicate. You will either be asked to explain a particular topic to the examiner (who may act as a patient in a dental chair) or you will be asked to communicate in a discussion regarding a controversial topic (such as water fluoridation). The scenarios can vary massively, but your technique in successfully tackling this station should always be the same. Please refer to our for this crucial information.


  • Ethical Scenario


Another common Dental MMI Question is regarding an ethical scenario (Note; it does not necessarily have to be dental). You will be given a controversial and ethical dilemma, which you must then communicate and discuss the pros/cons of various potential actions and their consequences. The key here is your ability to balance both sides of the arguments and ultimately come to a logical and fair conclusion at the end. Usually, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer. Examiners want to see your ability to weigh up ethical decisions. Again, our Interview Package contains in-depth discussions and model answers of a massive library of ethical scenarios and questions.


  • Manual Dexterity


You will be given an instruction sheet asking you to perform a task of manual dexterity. The examiner will not help, but will usually ask you questions whilst you are completing the task (HINT: they are assessing your ability to multi-task! Why is this important for a dentist?) Our Interviews Package explains in detail the exact manual dexterity tasks asked of students by each Dental School!


  • Q&A Station


This is an extremely common station amongst Dental MMI Questions. The examiner will ask a broad range of questions, ranging from “why do you want to study dentistry?” to “tell me about the likely impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the NHS?”. The candidate must be thoroughly prepared by going through the content on our site. 


Whilst these 4 are the most common types of questions, they are not an exhaustive list of all Dental MMI Questions. It is crucial that you speak to our Admissions Specialists for further guidance. Our Specialists post daily Dental Application tips on our Instagram Page – check it out!


Good luck!

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