What are the easiest Dental Schools to get into? What makes them easier than the rest? We take a look at this today. There are a few factors that we must consider in regards to what makes a Dental School “easy” to get into.


First and foremost, it is important to realise that no Dental School is truly “easy” to get into. They are all tough and competition is very extreme. However, it can be argued that some Dental Schools are slightly easier than others.



The first factor to consider in which Dental Schools are easier to get into is the location. Dental Schools in highly populated areas of the country, such as major cities, have more applicants applying to them. Major cities such as London, which is home to King’s London and Barts & the London, are social hubs of nightlife, tourism, activities and adventure. Naturally, more students want to apply to these cities to experience the “city life” and what it offers. The same is true for culturally buzzing cities such as Birmingham or Manchester. Therefore, there are far more applicants to these Dental Schools, making the competition for those few places extremely tough. The easiest Dental Schools to get into in terms of location usually tend to be those in slightly more remote locations, such as Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle.



The next factor to consider is the “prestige” of the Dental School. Many applicants want to say they have studied and graduated from “the best Dental School”, and so will look to find this information through sites such as The Complete University Guide’s Dental Rankings. Whilst these can give an indication of which Dental Schools have done well that year, it is by no means an accurate method of finding out which is the best Dental School. The honest answer is that there is no way to tell who the best Dental School is – it is impossible to accurately rank Schools based on their teaching, cultural experience, sporting activities, Student Society and much more. 


Our research at Become A Dentist has found, however, that applications to the Dental Schools ranked in the Top 5 of each year’s Dental Rankings triples! We highly recommend you consider applying to some Dental Schools outside the Top 5 to boost your chance of acceptance. These Dental Schools tend to be the easiest Dental Schools to get into that year.


Size of Dental School

Each year, there are over 9000 applicants competing for roughly 1500 places at Dental Schools across the UK. Our Admissions Specialists have worked with thousands of applicants all over the country, and our advice has always been consistent. You need to consider how many places are available at each Dental School, and whether you truly believe you are one of the top candidates to get those places.


For example, competition for places at Sheffield is extremely tough. The school only offers between 65 to 75 places per year, but has over 4000 applications to consider. This gives you a ratio of 1 place for every 57 applicants!


By contrast, King’s London offers somewhere in the region of 150 places, and has around 5000 applicants. This gives you a ratio of 1 place for every 33 applicants, boosting your chances considerably!


Therefore, the easiest Dental Schools to get into in terms of size are those which have more places offered to applicants.


Grade Requirements (including UCAT)

The next aspect to consider for the easiest Dental Schools to get into in the UK is the entry requirements.


Let’s look at the UCAT first. On average, candidates scored 640 in the UCAT. Some Dental Schools have a minimum cut-off of 650. Therefore, these schools are much harder to get into. Other schools have no or lower cut-off scores, such as 600. More importantly, some rare schools do not use the UCAT as a means of assessment at all!

It is very important that you discuss this with our Admissions Specialists and review the UCAT requirements for each Dental School you are applying to.


Secondly, we must consider your academic grades. Again, some Dental Universities require minimum GCSE grades, along with a minimum of AAA at A-level. This is a very strict criteria and it must be met in order to secure your place. However, other Dental Schools are much more relaxed in terms of the academic criteria. They are often quite flexible in terms of GCSE and A-level grades, and some also accept other qualifications such as BTEC.

This gives you a better chance of getting a place as they are the easiest Dental Schools to get into in regards to grades. Our Universities Package covers this content in more depth and analyses exactly what the requirements are for each Dental School.


Disadvantaged Background

Finally, some Schools want to improve the chances of those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This gives some applicants a better chance of getting into Dental School. This is especially important if your background and life circumstances has prevented you from securing top school grades or disrupted your education in any way. 

These Dental Schools are not necessarily easier to get into, but they give your application greater consideration and weighting.



If you have any queries in regards to specific Dental Universities, we recommend you get in touch. The information changes annually, and is constantly updated by our Admissions Specialists. They will be able to give you an insight into the specific Dental Schools and which of your choices is the easiest!


Good Luck

Become A Dentist

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