We explore some of the ways in which you can get into Dental School without A Levels here. Some candidates dream of getting into Dental School, but don’t have the A Level grade requirements, or may have left school prior to sitting A Levels. But rest assured, all hope is not lost!

BTEC Grades

Some candidates may have sat GCSEs, but not A Levels, and instead opted to sit BTEC exams. In recent years, many Dental Schools are accepting students with BTEC qualifications, so it is very important to find out which. Our Universities Package outlines which Dental Schools accept BTEC qualifications.

It is important to recognise that most Universities that accept BTEC qualifications will require an additional test pre-interview, usually the GAMSAT. Again, more information can be found out by contacting our Admissions Specialists.

International Baccalaureate

If you are applying (usually from abroad) with International Baccalaureate (IB) qualifications, the route of entry is normally quite standard. Most Dental Schools have similar IB Score requirements, so you should consult our Admissions Specialists for this. We also have information on the extra examinations and assessments you might need to complete into order to get into Dental School without A Levels but with IB Qualifications

Gateway to Dentistry/Pre-Dental Year

If you do not have the necessary A Level grades to get into Dentistry, you will still have the opportunity to Become A Dentist. One way to get into Dental School without A Levels is through a “Gateway to Dentistry” or “Pre-Dental” Year. In effect, this turns your Dental course into a 6 year degree, rather than the usual 5 years. You will study the biology and chemistry required to establish the foundations for Dentistry.

This is an excellent route to get into Dental School without A Levels, and we highly recommend you check out which Dental Schools are offering this rare opportunity.

Biomedical Sciences Route

Biomedical Science courses usually have lower entry requirements than Dentistry. Many candidates are willing to study BMed Sci for 3 years first and obtain a degree. They then reapply to dentistry from a stronger position. This is a very successful way of how to get into Dental School without A Levels.

Boost the rest of your application

If you do not have the required A Levels, it is still possible to get into Dental School with an extremely strong application. We recommend you strengthen the following area:

  • UCAT.
    • You need a very high score (730 and above) in order to stand out


  • Personal Statement.
    • Your Statement needs to be outstanding. It needs to acknowledge that you do not have the required A Level grades, but then passionately persuades the examiner as to why you deserve a place at Dental School regardless. You should review our Personal Statement Package for more guidance.


  • Extracurricular and Work Experience.
    • You will need to go above and beyond the minimum requirements of extracurricular activities, voluntary or paid work, and work experience. In our experience, if you lack A Level requirements, one way to get into Dental School without A Levels is to show them your motivation and determination by completing a minimum of 6 weeks of work experience. Our Admissions Specialists are assisting candidates with work experience during COVID-19 Pandemic as it is becoming increasingly difficult to arrange.

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Finally, you should boost your overall application by contacting our Admissions Specialists. We are the UK’s Number 1 source of success for how to get into Dental School without A Levels.

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