Ultimate Interview Questions & Answers Guide


This is undoubtedly the most valuable section of services that we offer; you are given exclusive and complete access to the entire library of hundreds of past, and most importantly, CURRENT interview questions.




  • You are given exclusive and complete access to the entire library of hundreds of past, and most importantly, CURRENT interview questions.
  • It also includes a COVID Guide with COVID-related dental interview question and model answers
  • Each question is thoroughly discussed, the background content and knowledge examined, and then model answers provided for applicants.
  • Research has shown that less than 15% of all applicants to Medicine are invited to an interview, and following this, only 5% of all applicants are actually offered a place at Medical School.


It is critical that you have a firm understanding of different aspects of dentistry in order you answer your questions correctly without sounding like a rehearsed answer. Dental school are searching for students who understand dental theory and will probe you if you only have a pre-rehearsed answer with no knowledge.

You will learn from the UK’s most comprehensive source at Become A Dentist, where you will hone your knowledge, understand how to perfect your interview answers and also investigate model answers.

What Topics are Covered in the Dental Interview Questions and Model Answers Package?

  • The Most Common Interview Questions (including “why dentistry?” and “why this dental school?” and “dentistry vs medicine”)
  • The Red Flags to avoid at interview
  • Manual Dexterity: you will develop a true understanding of what skills you need to demonstrate before and during the interview
  • Communication Skills: you will learn the specific skills you need, how to implement them, and why they are important
  • Empathy: you will learn the value and importance of empathy, and how to demonstrate this in your interview
  • Sympathy: and how it is different to empathy
  • Rapport Building and its importance in practice
  • Teamwork, Leadership, Time Management & Dealing with Stress
  • Assertiveness and its application in the clinical setting
  • Ethics, morals and decision-making
  • The GDC, the CQC and the NHS
  • Consent: different forms of consent, the Case Law behind consent, elements of ethically-valid consent, and the process of consent in dentistry
  • The Moral Background of the Professional Duty of Good Dental Care
  • Case Law and the application to dentistry today
  • Autonomy and its applications in dentistry
  • Confidentiality in dentistry
  • Patient Anxiety and its management
  • The Dental Team and Career Paths in Dentistry
  • And Many Many More Topics!

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