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Dentistry Personal Statement Guide (and review of your Statement by our Admissions Specialists)

This Dentistry Personal Statement Guide has been created specifically for dental applicants by a group of experienced Dental Admissions Consultants.

The personal statement is one of the most crucial aspects of your university application; it provides each candidate with the opportunity to impress and intrigue the university interview panel and stand out as a unique individual. Without an interesting personal statement, you will not be given an interview, and therefore no chance of successfully being offered a place at dental school. Whilst each statement must be personal, as the name suggests, we have dedicated this service to decoding what universities are impressed and unimpressed by, how to stand out amongst thousands of applicants, and how to have the best chance of securing an interview.

This will be tailored to your strengths & accolades, guided by your Admissions Specialist’s detailed information taken from you in your initial consultations. In addition, it is important to use our expert knowledge on what each university is looking for. If you cannot meet their requirements and provide evidence in your Statement, you will of course not be offered an interview!

You can purchase from either of the following packages:

A. TWO revisions of your personal statement, with focus on grammar, content, information and how you have presented yourself to the Universities. There are key criteria that our Admissions Specialists will ensure you have ticked, so that you have the best chance of being offered an interview.

B. UNLIMITED revisions of your personal statement, giving you the ultimate edge over other applicants.



Remember, we are here to help more than just our Free Personal Statement Tips! Our Full Comprehensive Package offers you unlimited reviews and edits of your Personal Statement.

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