The UCAT is the first stage in the application process for Dental School. If you do not score well, you may be rejected from the application process completely. Find out our Top 5 Tips for UCAT Success below:

  1. Do as many UCAT questions as you can!

The more practice you do for the UCAT, the more confident you will feel at answering different styled questions. Review our UCAT Section, the explanations of each subtopic in the test, along with details practice questions, answers and explanations. These will boost your success as they are the closest replication possible to your real test!

  1. Do the UCAT exam when you are ready!

Do not do the exam as soon as possible to get it over and done with, or equally do not pick a date based on what your friends and peers are doing. If you are not 100% ready, postpone the exam. You only get ONE UCAT per UCAS application cycle, so do it when you can perform at your best. The best time to do the UCAT is during your summer holidays and NOT during school time. During school you may have other commitments and homework, unlike the summer holidays where you can focus on preparing for the UCAT. When you are ready, you should book your test via the UCAT Consortium.

  1. Practice your UCAT time management!

Time is a crucial part of your UCAT exam, many people do not finish each section! Not finishing a section means that you are losing out on potentially easy marks. Make sure you practice UCAT questions under a time limit. If you cannot finish the questions within the time limit, keep practicing questions until you can. This way you know the speed in which you need to answer the UCAT questions. One of our biggest tips for UCAT success here is to use the “flag” option. If you are running out of time, use the “flag” on the harder questions so that you can score easy marks on the easier questions. When you get to the end of the test, you will be able to return to your “flagged” questions and spend time on them.

(HINT: even if you “flag” a question, have a random guess at an answer just in case you don’t get to come back to it in time – you will still have 25% chance of getting it right!)


  1. Don’t stress during your exam!

You have had weeks of preparation and all your UCAT knowledge is in the back of your mind. Don’t stress, be calm and you will fly through this exam. It might even be useful to take do no revision the day before your test and just relax! Our UCAT Section covers what to expect on the test date, what to take with you and how to overcome obstacles that can build stress. Learning about functions such as the “flag option” and how to use the on-screen calculator will increase your confidence and equally reduce your stress on the test date.


  1. Ask for help!

The final of our Top Tips for UCAT Success is to ask for help. If you are struggling to understand or improve whilst practising for the UCAT, ask a friend, speak to our UCAT Tutors and visit our UCAT Section. You only have one shot at doing the UCAT, so getting help can only improve your UCAT score. You should refer to our UCAT Section HERE for further guidance


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